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About the Jewelry

About the Jewelry

Sonya Monique’s artwork captures energy through movement. Organic shapes become flowing forms. Her work is difficult to peg in one category because it is tribal yet contemporary, edgy yet classical. It has international flair. She presents familiar materials unexpectedly, such as her signature raw edge leather bags, to create rich textures. Contrasting materials like gemstones and wood, ordinary hardware and sterling silver wire, she attains balance. The work is abundant, expressive and sometimes over-the-top. Sonya Monique jewelry elevates any ensemble to high fashion status.

Art to Adorn the Body

Sonya Monique jewelry is all handmade with intention and individual inspiration. Each piece of leather is hand cut and gemstones are handpicked for balance and color consistency. Handcrafting and variation in the materials ensures that no two pieces are the same – each one is as unique as the person wearing it – and each one has a name. Every design is either one-of-a-kind or limited edition.

In the same way that great art creates a feeling in the viewer beyond admiring a pretty picture, Sonya encourages a similar connection for each woman who wears her jewelry: These are more than simply aesthetically-pleasing objects.

Look good, feel good.

Her art is about more than superficial appearances and so is this company. Sonya Monique is committed to reducing waste by re-purposing old leather jackets, skirts, and purses. She sources new materials from fair-trade and sustainable suppliers whenever possible. 

Sonya also strives to create pieces that heal. She considers the intrinsic healing and emotional qualities of each gemstone and seeks mathematical symmetry, using numbers that come to her intuitively. Most of all, Sonya respects her own divine inspiration. Pick a piece that speaks to you and wear it looking good and feeling great.


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