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About the Designer

Sonya Monique is the manifestation of a second chance. During a health scare and prior to surgery, she went in search of a way to cover a medical condition on her neck and found her first love – fashion. One necklace led to an avalanche of ideas. She discovered a flair for handcrafting jewelry as she learned how to construct each design. The necklaces revitalized her verbal and visual creativity and set her on a new path. Combining over a decade in the beauty industry with entrepreneurial experience, a marketing degree from University of Oklahoma and an aptitude for trend-sensing, she created Sonya Monique.

People, nature, and numerology are some of Sonya’s key design inspirations. She is also influenced by southern and southwestern Native American aesthetics as she grew up in Oklahoma and lived eleven years in Texas. In addition, Hawai`i, where she lived for several years, was a landscape of unparalleled lush, natural beauty and inspiration. Internationally, her visual influences range from tribal Africa to the ancient Middle East and Asia. Her mother’s Italian heritage provides an appreciation of handmade quality and luxury. 

Sonya’s spirit lives in her work. Not only in the artistry of her designs, but her reduce, reuse, recycle” worldview, her intense love of the natural world, and her divine inspiration. Her spirit also lives in her writing, which can be seen in her product descriptions. How she feels while designing and/or making the piece is as important to her as how you feel wearing it – inspired and unique. People may buy the piece for the design, but once adorned with it, they have so much more.


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