Hi, I'm Sonya

I am an intuitive spiritual teacher, healer, clairvoyant, and entrepreneur. 18 years ago, I had success in the business world, but my emotional and spiritual well-being were stifled. To seek refuge from personal problems and limiting beliefs, I began a spiritual journey that included biblical teachings and mysticism. Through a relentless daily meditation practice, I was able to open up my intuition to its fullest extent, gaining insight and instruction on how to heal others as well as myself.

Like many others, I've experienced emotional, psychological, and physical trauma, including sexual assault, which led to low self-esteem and addiction. These toxic thought patterns manifested in many health problems. However, through my journey, I've been able to heal myself and others from physical and mental ailments.

My spiritual path included a two-year mentorship by a retired, 93-year-old international spiritual speaker and author. This, combined with my extensive meditation practice, expedited my spiritual development and consciousness.

We are all connected to a divine universal intelligence, which some refer to as Spirit, Universe, or God. However, many lose their connection due to worldly distractions and experiences. This universal intelligence is gentle in its delivery, and if someone is not listening or has a spiritual block, it finds the closest connected person to deliver messages through. I am that conduit. I receive messages meant for others when they are not connected enough to receive them themselves. The messages come through in a way that the recipient can easily understand, leading to clarity and breakthroughs. My delivery is straightforward.

We are all here for a reason beyond just trials and worldly pleasure. Life is meant to be a harmonious, peaceful, and joyful experience. I can help you uncover that reason and identify any obstacles getting in the way of your alignment.

I look forward to working with you.